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Hand to Hand Wombat

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Can you and your team build three towers before the other team destroys them? Can you do all of that with your eyes closed?

In this game, everyone has a secret identity, either good or bad. Play by scattering the bricks into the play area and closing your eyes. Good Wombats build towers. Bad Wombats secretly sabotage those towers. Vote to eliminate the most suspicious wombat. Complete the towers to win. This is a social deception game for people who aren’t into social deception games.

Hand-to-Hand Wombat comes with:

· 3 Wombat Towers
· A Boundary
· 10 Wombat Cards
· 6 Reference Cards
· 2 Point Trackers
· An original comic by the Oatmeal which is about a lot of things, but mostly it is about butts.

Plus one instruction manual that you will probably skim.

Ages 7 and up

3-6 players