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Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $75 | Free Local Delivery on Orders $50+
Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $75 | Free Local Delivery on Orders $50+

Online Order FAQ

Do I need to create an account to order online? 

You do not need an account to place an order. You can check out as a guest. In order to use wish lists or see your order history, you will need an account. If you would like to create account, click here to get started.


Can I redeem a gift card online? 

Electronic gift cards can be redeemed online. If you have a physical gift card, it can only be used in-store. Please contact us if you have a gift card issue. 


I live outside of the US, buy my family lives near you. Can I send items directly to them? 

Yes! While we do not ship to addresses outside of the US, we're happy to extend our shopping experience to the international family members of our customers! You can select Store Pickup if you're buying for local customers, or opt for ground shipping or local delivery for your family members who are within our delivery range. 


How do I search for specific items?

Enter any search terms you want to find in the bar at the top of the site. We have created our navigation menu to help you search for items in several different ways -- by product category, by age, and by specific interests, and created helpful filters so you can narrow down products according to your preferences. 


How can I get the color/variety I want when ordering an item that is “assorted”?

If the item is an assortment, the product description will say that colors or styles may vary. You can request a specific color or variety in the comment box at checkout. We will accommodate these requests whenever possible, but a substitution of a different color may occur depending on availability.


How do I select gift wrapping for my items?

You can select gift wrapping on the product page, right above the "Add to Cart" button. You can fill in the fields for name, etc. if you choose. If you forgot to ask for gift wrapping, you can email us to request it on your order. Replying to the order confirmation is the easiest way to do this.


Can I combine orders? 

If an order has not been shipped, delivered, or picked up yet -- that is, it’s still in the store -- you can combine it with another order. Please contact us with both order numbers. We may contact you to confirm order numbers or shipping information.


How do I redeem rewards?

You can now use Thank You program rewards coupons online. Log in to the rewards portal (bottom right corner of the screen) and you'll be able to see what rewards you have available. When you want to use a reward for an online order, you can click to redeem it, and a coupon code will be generated. You'll enter that coupon code at checkout to apply it to your order. 


How can I create or share a wishlist?

You must have an account on the website to create a wishlist. You can have multiple wishlists, for different people or occasions. To add items to your list, just click the button underneath the "Add to Cart" button. After creating the wishlist, you can share the link directly with anyone you want.

My Favorites is a way for you to save items to find them easily later. 

My Wishlist is a registry-type feature, and it's what you'll want to use if you plan to share your list with friends and family. When you use this feature, they can buy directly from the list and items will be marked as purchased. 


How do I find a friend's or family member’s wishlist?

Getting the direct link is the easiest and most reliable way to find someone’s wishlist. If you don’t have the link, you can search for the wish list by name.

For items to be marked as purchased, you must add the item to your cart directly from the wishlist.

I’m having issues with your site.

You can try clearing your computer’s cache/cookies or using a different browser. If that does not solve the issue, please contact us so we can help.