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Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $60+ | Free Local Delivery on Orders $50+
Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $60+ | Free Local Delivery on Orders $50+

Giving Back

Boing! Toy Shop is committed to building and supporting our fantastic community. We sell toys and gifts that help you and your children build your own communities and we seek to support the neighborhoods that we are a part ofJamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury, Dorchester, and West Roxbury, among others. We know that we succeed when our neighbors succeed, and for this reason we are fully invested in keeping Jamaica Plain and beyond healthy and vibrant.

One of the main ways that we accomplish our mission is by donating to the community. We are honored to donate to over 50 outstanding local non-profits, charities, and schools that support local families and children. Some of these include Spontaneous Celebrations, The Regan Youth League, KidsArts, the Curley K-8 School, the Haley School, the Mendell School, and the Elizabeth Stone House. Annually, Boing! donates 10% of all store profits.

Boing! also supports the community by hiring local teens. We partner with other programs, like Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, to help young people get job experience. Over the years, Boing! has been a first job for many local teens and we explicitly seek to hire from all parts of the community.

When you shop at Boing! know that your money is going back into your community. We can give because you choose to shop here. We thank you for trusting us to be your source of toys, books and gifts to help build your family and neighborhood community.