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500pc Puzzle - Zebras at the Waterhole

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Roam the grasslands of Africa and piece together many peaceful moments with these striped beauties in our “Zebra” puzzle for hours of relaxing fun!

Ah, there’s nothing like dipping your feet in nice, refreshing water to escape the heat! Our family of plains zebras have spent a long, hot day grazing on the grasses of the savanna in Eastern Africa and have come to cool off as the sun sets. A trio of friendly meerkats stop and say hello. Luckily for our zebras, those lions have just finished a big meal and only came by for a drink! Along with birds, giraffes and elephants, our Serengeti scene will be a pleasure for any nature-lover to puzzle!

Did you know the striped patterns on zebras are as unique as human fingerprints? Scientist aren’t sure what purpose their stripes serve, but believe they may help control body heat, confuse predators, and may help zebras recognize each other. Zebras are fast and can run up to 40 mph. They live approximately 25 years in the wild, and weigh between 440–1,000 pounds!

Ages 12 and up