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Noobs in Space

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How does this spaceship work, anyway? A funny space adventure awaits two to five players, ages ten and up. Several levels with new challenges are in store for you. Players work together to solve task after task. Cooperative, easy-to-learn, and varied: the perfect card game for a fun and exciting game night!

Noobs converts app games like “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” into a tabletop game. The group must cooperatively solve task after task and work together as well as possible, because each player only knows a small part of the solution. While one player may only know the task at hand but not have the resources to implement it, those resources may be shared among three other players. Those players do not even know what resources are actually necessary from all their information. Since players cannot show their cards to each other, there must be a lot of clear communication and interaction by describing or reading out cards in order to gradually find out what to do. And all of this must be done as quickly as possible.

The story leads through several levels and each level consists of several tasks, so the whole thing is an action-packed event game. No material is destroyed in the process. The game also does not come with any classic instructions. Instead the few rules are explained directly in the game in an introductory level, so you can start right away.

Ages 10 and up