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Komodo Dragon Figurine

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Komodo dragons are relics of prehistory, and an example of reptilian “megafauna”. They are the largest living lizard species, growing up to 10 feet long and weighing 150 lbs. These monitor lizards are found only on a handful of islands in Indonesia, including the island of Komodo which gives them their name.

  • History: Komodo dragons are vulnerable, and believed to number about 3,000. They are primarily found on a few islands in Indonesia, especially Komodo, home to the Komodo National Park, which is a sanctuary for the species. Komodo dragons were unknown in the Western world until 1910.
  • Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis
  • Characteristics: This Komodo dragon toy figure is expertly painted and full of scaly detail, from his snout to the tip of his curving tail. Sculpted in a realistic walking pose, this figure is ready to stalk its prey on your shelf or desktop!
  • Size: The Komodo dragon toy measures 5 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches tall, considerably smaller than the real deal.
  • The Komodo Dragon is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection
  • Non-toxic and BPA free

Ages 3 and up