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Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $75 | Free Local Delivery on Orders $50+

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Customer-Focused Sales Associate

As a Sales Associate for Boing! Toy Shop, you believe every product and service we offer enhances the lives of kids, their parents or guardians, and kids-at-heart. You strive to be an expert in the benefits of all kinds of play and of the products we sell, to ensure customers see you as a trustworthy and valuable resource. As the first and last point of contact with customers face to face, on the phone, or through email, you must deliver an exceptional customer experience every time. When it comes to retail, it’s all about the customer experience. Ensuring our customers walk out the door happier than they came in is vital to our store’s success. This belief guides all interactions, strategies, and decisions to be successful in your position. Excellent customer service is your number one priority.


CUSTOMER SERVICE (not limited to)

  • Be friendly and courteous to customers, suppliers, and co-workers.
  • Respond to all customer comments and complaints positively and professionally.
  • Greet customers with a warm welcome and smile within 15-30 seconds from when they enter the store. Walk over to them, begin to establish a relationship or ask an open ended question while keeping the 6 Steps to a Perfect Purchase in mind.
  • Greet all children in a friendly and welcoming way. Create a connection by asking what kind of toys they’re looking for or asking their favorite color, etc, which will help the child and their parents feel more at home.
  • Actively engage customers in conversation and assist in the understanding, demonstration, description and selection of our merchandise. Assisting customers with product questions, educating them on new products and services, listening to their needs or requests; and relaying that information to your store manager or store owner when necessary.
  • Ask every customer to join our loyalty program.
  • Participate in store events with enthusiasm.
  • In a timely manner, report any elevated customer issues to management immediately, so that we retain their business, diffuse miscommunications, and keep the customer’s trust and satisfaction with Boing!.
  • Advocate for Boing! while at work and outside of work.

SELLING (not limited to)

  • Maintain and utilize a working knowledge of our retail merchandise including price, age range, any special product considerations, stock locations in the store, and back stock.
  • Utilize the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase guidelines to meet our daily/weekly/monthly sales goals as presented by management.
  • Tour the sales floor daily to identify new merchandise and where items may have moved.
  • Confidently and effectively implement cross selling (add ons).
  • Walking every customer to a product or item when they ask for a product specifically.
  • Helping the store meet or exceed the scorecard metrics (avg. sales, avg. # of transactions, items/transaction).

SPECIAL PROJECTS (not limited to)

  • Execute small day-to-day goals or larger projects as assigned by the Owner, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager or Shift Lead.
  • Keep eyes open for theft and report suspicious activity to management.
  • Fully participate in store events and parties.
  • Social media videos, posts, blogs, and other marketing support.


  • To the highest of standards execute all opening and closing procedures when scheduled.
  • Answer all incoming calls with a professional greeting, answering customer questions, and transfer to the appropriate person or take a detailed message.
  • Use communication channels to relay messages and get updated store information.
  • Throughout the day check work voicemail and email. Respond or forward to appropriate personnel.
  • Confidently operate our computerized point of sale (POS) cash register and inventory management system.
  • Accurately process all transactions with customers: scanning of the inventory, pricing, collecting payment, gift wrapping, adding on, and connecting to rewards program. Say “thank you” at the end of EVERY customer visit, even if they haven’t bought anything.
  • Accurately execute all online or phone orders, including accurate sales information to customers (cost, tax, shipping fees), order fulfillment, shipping, and payment. 
  • Assist with inventory pricing and restocking.
  • Keeping an accurate and organized “To-Do List”, whether on paper or digitally.

CLEANING & STOCKING (not limited to)

  • Actively maintain the store’s appearance throughout your shift by keeping merchandise neatly organized and attractively displayed, and forward face product to maintain the highest level of visual presentation.
  • Change light bulbs, vacuum, mop, dust shelves and flat surfaces, clean spills, and all other housekeeping duties.
  • Restock merchandise on a daily basis.
  • Maintain a clean and organized stockroom and back stock.
  • Clear front sidewalk of debris etc. so that our entryway remains welcoming.
  • May be given special cleaning assignments.
  • Clean the bathroom.

TEAM WORK (not limited to)

  • Be an excellent role model to co-workers through upholding employee handbook policies and executing all job responsibilities to the highest of standards.
  • Assist co-workers as needed to ensure projects and tasks are completed on time.
  • Display professionalism, respect, and courtesy to your co-workers and managers.

EDUCATION (not limited to)

  • Learn about our products we sell through the product packaging, training aids, videos, websites, sales reps and any other opportunity presented to you.
  • Take seriously and complete any ongoing education and training as management presents it to you.
  • Share tips, tools, and facts you discover with co-workers and management that are relevant to our products, child development and education, and sales techniques
  • Coaching – Meet with management to discuss work related goals, development, problems and successes.


  • Generous Employee Discounts 
  • Paid Training on sales skills and products 
  • Hourly Pay - $15.00 - $20.00 based on experience
  • Bonus Program based on monthly sales, up to $2.00 an hour, after 90 days of employment
  • Quarterly reviews with direct supervisor
  • Weekly coaching and communications with direct supervisor

Send your resume and cover letter explaining why you want to work at Boing! as well as why you think you are a good fit. You can email these to or you can mail to Kim Mitchell, Boing! Toy Shop, 667 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, or drop them off in person.