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LEGO: Why We Love Them!

LEGO: Why We Love Them!

Everyone Loves LEGO! What Makes LEGO Toys so Popular?

Everyone knows LEGO. The classic, versatile building bricks have been around in essentially the same form for decades, and with continued efforts to create sets and mini-worlds that capture the imaginations of LEGO fans of all ages, they’ve ensured that people will keep coming back for more. Fans can collect sets to combine or play with separately, and there are countless themes and designs to choose. LEGO combines logic and critical thinking with creativity and offers endless options for both construction and imaginative play. 

A Brief History: From Origin to Now

LEGO building bricks were invented by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish carpenter turned toy-maker. The design developed through a bit of trial and error, and the updated interlocking bricks were released in 1958. The base design has remained mostly unchanged since then, with the addition of some pretty cool accessories for the various themed sets. These days, there are even some electronic and light-up options and accompanying apps as the brand delves into different aspects of technology, but most sets can still be used without any batteries or screens – something we love to see! 

There was a point when LEGO was not doing so well. Around the turn of the millennium, they were not making the profits they needed and if things didn’t change, were actually in danger of closing down! The brand did a number of things to build back up and become the worldwide champion of the toy market it is today. New endeavors included the Legoland theme park, partnerships to create sets based on recognizable movies scenes and characters, lots of product testing, and innovative new sets (usually still compatible with all the classic sets). LEGO even dove into creating its own entertainment, creating the LEGO movies and their own TV shows to tie in with some of their lines, like Friends and Ninjago. With so many options and product releases rolling out continuously, it’s impossible to get bored.

But why are LEGO products so popular, and how has the brand lasted this long? 

LEGO Pieces Are High Quality 

The company is committed to the quality of their products, and any long-time collector (or anyone who’s stepped on a piece without shoes) can attest to the fact that LEGO bricks are made to last. This is key to building sturdy structures that can be played with and displayed as long as you want. 

Simple, Universal Concept, Open to Everyone 

The concept at LEGO's core is simple and appealing. Combining traditional building blocks with the sturdy interlocking design, resulting in creations that you can move around and display as desired, takes construction play to the next level. Who would want to put all that time into creating a structure that’s going to fall over if your knee bumps the table? The clever design means that you can easily keep your place if you want to build a set in multiple sessions or move it aside until later if your epic creation has taken over the dinner table. You can show off your handiwork without worrying that it will fall apart any moment. That makes it fun and easy to really dive deep into more complex building sets, or to use the bricks to design your own unique structures. 

Lots of Benefits: From Creativity to Motor Skills to Relaxation!

The benefits of LEGO are more than you might think! Construction sets of all kinds are great for combining practical skills like spatial reasoning and coordination with creativity and innovation. The design of LEGO, creating unlimited possibilities for construction, takes it to another level. For many people, it can promote relaxation. Having a focused task that doesn’t involve screens fosters a perfect setting to soothe and unwind.

The minifigures and fun settings, whether LEGO originals or versions of well-known movie scenes and characters, keep the creativity going with pretend play. After building a set or joining a couple together, you have a perfect place to recreate some of your favorite screen and book moments, or play out any scene from your own imagination. 

It can be a solo or group activity, so LEGO works for someone who enjoys completing builds on their own or as a way to connect with family and friends!

The multiple benefits and versatility of the brand, which have only grown as they developed their products and lines over the years, offer value to different people in various ways. 

Multitude of Options Provide Something for Everyone

With sets designed for toddlers, adults, and every age in between, there are LEGO options that will work no matter your skill level or age. Different themed sets appeal to movie fans, car enthusiasts, or more open-ended thinkers. There are realistic replicas of vehicles and landmarks, modular designs that give you multiple build options, and amazing imaginative sets that are perfect for creative types and fantasy fans.  Many of the lines tie in with movies or TV, but they are still fun to build even if you are not familiar with the screen version! All sets come with step-by-step guides to help you create specific scenes, or suggestions for builds on the creative sets. 

If you like making models and using logic to make things fit together, LEGO is for you. If you like designing and building your own creations, LEGO is for you. If you like using the minifigures and their castles, homes, boats, schools, etc. to act out stories from movies or your imagination, LEGO is for you. With so many possibilities for play, it’s really no wonder there are so many LEGO fans!    

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