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6 Reasons We Love Micro Kickboard Scooters

Micro scooters display with purple, blue, and red scooters and a plush unicorn riding on.

Scooters have been one of our best selling product types for years, appealing to kids of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Around Jamaica Plain, we see scooters out and about from spring through fall (and occasionally in winter too!). After trying a bunch of different kinds of kids’ scooters over the years, we landed on Micro Kickboard as our scooter brand of choice. Why, you ask? 


Here are the top 6 reasons we love Micro Kickboard scooters.

1. Superior Quality

We’ve been selling Micro scooters for almost 10 years now and I can’t remember a single one being returned for a quality issue. With hundreds and hundreds sold, this is absolutely amazing. It is rare to find a brand with this high of a quality rating. 

2. Bigger Wheels = Smoother Rides

Many kids are riding scooters around the city streets and sidewalks and that means lots of cracks and crevices to navigate. That can also mean a very bouncy ride. Scooters that have larger wheels deliver a smoother ride and Micro Kickboard has some of the largest wheels in any kid’s scooter brand on the market. 

3. Three Wheels = Safer

We also love that even the bigger kid scooters come with three wheels—two in the front and one in the back. The two wheels in front provide lots of stability, resulting in a much safer ride. We love safety!

4. Easy to Replace Parts

Another thing that makes Micro Kickboard scooters stand out from the pack is that every single part on the scooter is designed to be replaced when needed (though honestly we have found that very few parts ever need to be replaced due to the quality mentioned above). That means if the brake or wheels wear out, the handle grips get dirty, or any other pieces break, they can be replaced! Lots of scooters on the market are almost designed to be disposable, but because of the replacement parts available for Micro Kickboard scooters, they have a much longer lifespan and can be passed down from child to child. 

5. Always Innovating

We love that Micro Kickboard is always innovating and improving their product. For instance, one of the best new features is a foldable front bar, making the scooters easier to travel with, carry, and store. They have also launched an LED series with light-up wheels for extra fun in the dark. Recently, they released a new eco line made with recycled plastic. Even though they’re already giving great quality, service, and selection, they keep looking forward. We love working with a company that is always looking for ways to improve. 

6. Easy to work with

Finally, and something that I always find important when sourcing products, they are a really nice company to work with. They always answer the phone, or get back to you quickly.  

Bonus: Different size options mean something for everyone!

Micro Kickboard scooters range from toddler-aged to adult varieties, so whatever the skill or age, they will have an option. The Mini Micro scooters are recommended for ages 2 and up (usually until age 5 or so) with a weight limit of 110lbs. The Maxi Micro best suits ages 5-12, up to 110lbs, and the two-wheeled styles like the Cruiser are great for teens and adults up to 220lbs. 

Yes, there are cheaper scooters on the market. But when you factor in the quality and the ability to replace damaged parts, we believe the slightly higher price is more than justified, and the value is undeniable. 

We always carry the Mini and Maxi Micro scooters at Boing!, and occasionally we have an adult scooter on hand. We’re here to answer all your scootering questions and offer the best scooters we can find. Based on our experience with the brand, we know that if you take home a Micro Kickboard scooter, you get great fun and great quality. 



Happy Scooting!


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